Retrospective of 15 years of painting

Chantal Leandri: always looking for lyrical seduction by Solange Strimon – art critic

Chantal Leandri began her artistic career writing poems and short stories she intended to illustrate by herself. After classical art training, she attended a three year course with the swiss painter, Thierry Bugnion. During this period, she perfected her technical bases of watercolour, gouache, acrylic and oil.

She completed this approach with master classes at the painting academy “Moulin de Perrot” (in the Ardeche region) with the following artists: Jequel, Jérôme Tisserand, Thibaud de Reimpré and in particular, the italian painter, Giancarlo Bargoni. Thanks to Bargoni, she opened her true nature : the movement of lyrical expression.

This way of expression enable the painter to free her gesture, imagination and creativity. her mentors are Georges Mathieu for drawing. Jean Fautrier, Antoni Tapies, Hans Hartung, Jackson Pollock and Pierre Alechinsky for the techniques of painting.

After years of studies and work, she turned to tachist abstraction which she considers in some way similar to automatic writing.

Poet yesterday, painter today ; she admits being influenced by her past writing experiences.

“Preparation of the canvas with a variety of pigments each one with it’s own drying time, analyzing colors and only then, if the backdrop meets total satisfaction, the painting can start.”

This approach allows the freedom she requires to express herself:

“The interpretation of the mind related to the mixed palette together with what the eyes see, transcends emotions through the color pigments.”

Fascinated by texture and what new technologies allow, Chantal Leandri lives perfectly well anchored in her time. her research led her to implement any discovery that challenges her, giving her paintings a very special touch, a signature.

Her credo ? Musicality in every detail, spirit elevation, freedom in all acceptions and work.


  • 11 may to 15 may Sm’Art Stand “HISTOIRE DE BLEUS” Aix en Provence
  • 11 september to 18 september NYC Salon d’art contemporain de New York “WE CAN CONTROL SPACE”
  • 24 june to 4 july personal exhibition Salles voûtées CASSIS
  • 26 september to 20 october personal exhibition Médiathèque Jean d’Ormesson MARIGNANE
  • Personal exhibition – Galerie Marchand d’art, Le Castellet (July-august)
  • Retrospective of 15 years of painting – Chapel of the blue penitents, La Ciotat (12 june-12 july)
  • Personal exhibition – Medical Centre Mongrand, Marseille (31 october-30 december)
  • SM’ART – Salon Méditerrannéen d’Art Contemporain, Aix en Provence (1st-5th may)
  • Personal exhibition – Office de Tourisme, saint-Cyr (19-25 july)
  • Personal exhibition – Parvis du Protestantisme, Marseille (16 may-16 june)
  • SM’ART – Salon Méditerrannéen d’Art Contemporain, Aix en Provence (2-6 may)
  • Personal exhibition – Crédit Mutuel du Vieux port, Marseille (30 october-27 november)
  • Personal exhibition – Virgin café, Marseille (1st july-1st september)
  • Personal exhibition – Virgin café, Marseille (1st december-1st january 2012)
  • Personal exhibition – Salles Voûtées – Cour d’honneur de l’Hôtel de Ville, Cassis (4-14 february)
  • Personal exhibition – Virgin café, Marseille (30 november-6 january 2010)
  • Espace Culturel du Quebec, Londres (november)
  • Galerie du Port, La Ciotat (10-23 november)
  • Vente aux enchères d’art contemporain – Claude Aguttes Commissaire priseur, Neuilly-sur-Seine (september)
  • Salon Artshopping – Carrousel du Louvre, Paris (7-8 june)
  • Palais des Congrès, Cannes (may)
  • Château du Castellet, Var (may)
  • SIAPPE – Salon International d’Arts Plastiques, Perpignan (february)
  • Chapelles des Pénitents bleus, La Ciotat (april)
  • Galerie du Port, La Ciotat (july)
  • SIAPPE – Salon International d’Arts Plastiques, Perpignan (february)
  • Galerie Ilde, Cannes (july-august)